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About Canadian Mouse Trips

A Disney vacation planning company specializing in Disney trips for Canadians! We take care of all the necessary details, right down to dining reservations.

Travel Advisor Partners

Travel Advisor Based In
Graeme & Wanda Innes
Graeme & Wanda Innes Travel Advisors
Kingsville, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
 Natalie Tonne
Natalie Tonne Travel Advisor
Calgary, AB ProfileCertificationsAwards
 Dana Cross
Dana Cross Travel Advisor
Lyn, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
Kelly Rothnie
Kelly Rothnie Travel Advisor
Brampton, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
Gelene Malow
Gelene Malow Travel Advisor
Orangeville, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
Andrew Grieveson
Andrew Grieveson Travel Advisor
Calgary, AB ProfileCertificationsAwards
Carmelina Bavaro
Carmelina Bavaro Travel Advisor
Holland Landing, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
Amanda Sibbick
Amanda Sibbick Travel Advisor
Bowmanville, ON ProfileCertificationsAwards
Tricia Major
Tricia Major Travel Advisor
Okotoks, AB ProfileCertificationsAwards
Zach Chester
Zach Chester Travel Advisor
River Hebert, NS ProfileCertificationsAwards
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